Switch N Light - Amazing Wireless Remote Control Switch Gives You Lighting Anywhere In Your Home.

Switch N Light™ is so incredible because you can use it like an ordinary light. The big difference is that it is wireless, it has a remote control and the lighting is simply impeccable. No need to use an electrician and spend a lot of money for installing it. With Switch N Light you can do it yourself without spending much money. This wireless light system that is expandable uses one remote control that can power multiple lights. Itís what makes this wireless system truly marvelous. Switch N Lights can work through walls up to twenty feet away. You can put this product in your child's room and they will feel safe and protected. This product uses four AA batteries and it comes with a twelve volt battery for the remote. Just one switch handles four lights within a twenty foot radius. It's truly incredible because it can go through walls. You can install this impressive wireless remote control system by just peeling, pressing, and sticking the light wherever you want. You do not have to deal with wires. You can place these tremendous lighting system anywhere and it can be done by hanging it with a hook. It can be looped to easily remove it or you can mount it by just screwing it. Try the Official Switch N Light™ for Yourself for Only $19.95 with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee from www.GetSwitchNLight.com
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Try the Official Switch N Light™ for Yourself for Only $19.95 with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
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