Table Mate - Review the Features in this Portable and Adjustable TV Tray

Table Mate® is the incomparable portable and adjustable TV tray. This product is so flexible and handy. It takes just a couple of minutes to assemble this magnificent TV tray table. You do not need any kind of tools to help you accomplish the job. With this TableMate TV tray you can ideally adjust this folding table for every room in your home. It has great looking features that will surely delight you. It has a polypropylene top with a dimension of 15 to 20; painted steel base that you incredibly adjust up to six inches in height; Angle adjustments which are horizontal, two angles down, one angle up. It has semi- and totally foldable configurations. The distance in between legs is about eighteen to twenty five inches. It naturally slides up by using one finger until it touches your body. It's the best portable TV tray for people living in limited space. It's amazing because you can semi-fold it or totally fold it for easy safekeeping. It can be uniquely adjustable into three positions: to your body size, to the activity you doing and the chair you are sitting in. Truly a wonderful table tray that anyone can appreciate. Use the links below to find the best deal on Table Mate®.
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