ThermoSpas - Health Benefits and Easy to Maintain Equipment at Great Prices Make These Hot Tub Spas a Great Choice. Get a FREE Info DVD Now!

Get the relaxing, fun bubbles from a hot tub without the hassle with ThermoSpas®, the revolutionary hot tub system engineered for low maintenance and low pricing for high-quality home enjoyment. Let's face it: we'd all like a hot tub for stress relief, pain relief, fun times and all the other health conveniences they offer. But hot tub prices and the extra equipment you have to buy often holds us back from enjoying a hot tub at home. ThermoSpas addressed all of the things that were holding people back from purchasing a hot tub to create a complete spa system that make a hot tub affordable and convenient for everyone. First, they made ThermoSpas easy to install: Just plug it in to a standard wall outlet and it requires no plumbing - just fill it up with your garden hose. Second, ThermoSpas dramatically reduced maintenance hassle by ensuring crystal-clear and clean water through an innovative filtration system that rids the water of harmful bacteria -- and then eliminates 90% of the cleaning chemicals itself. Most hot tubs cycle water 16 times a day; ThermoSpas hot tubs cycle 144 times a day. And, while most hot tubs need cleaned and drained every three months, ThermoSpas only needs it once a year. Best of all, it even has a built-in filter wheel that tells you when it's time to clean it. The completely self-contained hot tub system boasts affordable pricing and is nearly maintenance-free, making it the perfect solution for your home. Of course, it has all the standard hot tub amenities like a built-in heater, comfortable seating and powerful, relaxing water jets that soothe stress away. And, it's economical standard electrical power supply cuts operating cost and saves you money. What's holding you back from enjoying the luxury of a hot tub in your home? Use the links below to find the best offer on ThermoSpas®.
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