Tie Pods - The Heavy Duty Tool Which Helps Tie Down Heavy Loads To Your Vehicles Without Extra Straps Or Hooks.

Tie Pod™ is an innovative technology that will safely protect your cargo while you are moving along the road driving a truck, trailer or auto. It can also give protection to your cargo even when your vehicles are on stationary position or just parked. Just attach it on any smooth painted surface by just simply placing it, pushing it and locking it. Tie Pod does not need any hooks or any other straps to tie down your cargo. This product is heavy duty and it can incredibly hold up to two hundred fifty pounds of lateral pressure You can amazingly tie down large furniture to your pickup truck or just tie down your dog to it. One amazing feature of this product is that it will not leave scratches on your auto, trucks or trailers. It's the ideal equipment .to use for contractors or if you are carrying your boats to go out fishing. Tie Pod will bail you out anytime because it will save you time. It is less complicated plus easier to accomplish than using any other equipment. With Tie Pod your cargo is safe and it won't loosen up. It's perfect for carrying all that bulky and oversized loads. By trying this terrific product you get four tie pods, two medium bungee cords and two large bungee cords. Use the links below to find the best offer of Tie Pod™.
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