Tiger Light T100 - Double Spray Volume and Penetration for Protection Against Assailants

With Tiger Light® T100 you can defend yourself and your family without keeping guns around the house. Now you need not be defenseless against attackers, and you have a non-lethal defense weapon on your side--TigerLight T100, which even the police and the military use to temporarily blind, disorient and incapacitate aggressors. It is lightweight and portable, so you can keep in your pocket when jogging, or in your purse when coming home late at night. Tsung su said never let your enemy know what you are planning. TigerLight T100 is disguised to look like a flashlight, camera or other handheld device, to catch your enemy by surprise. They will never suspect that you are carrying a weapon on your hands. Plus, TigerLight T100 combines high intensity light with built-in pepper spray. You can have perfect aim, the assailant's eyes open wide at the light, and TigerLight T100 sprays at double the strength and speed compared to other mace sprays on the market. It also penetrates deeper into the pores, moves faster, and blasts into the mouth and nose. Your self defense is complete as it impacts on the respiratory system, creating maximum power. Whether you are 18 or 80, you need to be ready. When you buy the entire system you get one TigerLight T100, two insert practice canisters, one family safety DVD, one padded adjustable hand strap, one sabre red USA pepper spray and one instructional DVD. Use the links below to find the best offer on Tiger Light® T100.
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