TK6000 - This Product By netTALK Can Save On Phone Bills And Act Do 'Secretarial' Functions, Too

With TK6000™ you will never have to pay another phone bill again. Now that is communication that would be used by those who are truly clever. This product by netTALK offers free, unlimited, lifetime long distance telephone service in the USA and Canada. It also offers competitive international rates for calls outside of these two countries. What's more, TK6000 can be your 'telephone secretary'. It offers free voice mail for important messages, free 3-way calling for phone conferences, free directory assistance so you need not log onto the computer nor open a heavy phone book, a free phone number for yourself, and free TK6000 to TK6000 calls. What's more, talk about convenience--you don't even need a computer to use it. With just an internet connection, you can make all the phone calls you need to make every day. The system is so simple to use that even a seven year old can do it. To convert a traditional phone into the TK6000 system, all it takes is connecting the TK6000 to your internet, then connecting it to your phone, and then finally, plugging it in. The TK6000 is light and small, so it can be brought with you anywhere you go, whether to the office, or when you are on a business trip, or if you go on vacation. Now THAT is clever communication. Use the links below to find the best offer on TK6000™.
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