Total Pillow - All Parts of Your Body Will Be Pampered With This Pillow of Perfection

If you are only going to have one pillow for the rest of your life, Total Pillow™ would be it. This pillow is great for all parts of the body. It has soft covers and it is so versatile that you can bend it and twist it in any way you want. It will change its shape in seconds to lend the perfect support you are looking for, for total comfort. But of course, what else could one expect from a Total Pillow? This Total Pillow is like having five different pillows in one. Fold it in half and put it around the back of your neck as you watch TV, or use it to support your ankles or knees when you are about to fall asleep. This Total Pillow can be twisted, customized and locked in the exact position you want it. You can put it on top of your pillow to align your spine perfectly as you sleep. Or you can twist it and lay it behind you as you are working at your office desk all day. Perfect lower lumbar support is had with this Total Pillow. A Total Pillow kit includes two pillows, two compresses and two fleece compress covers. Why the last two? Because you can either heat the compress in your microwave, ice it in the freezer, then cover it with the compress cover. Use the links below to find the best offer on Total Pillow™.
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