Total View - The Blind Spot Eliminator in a Small Mirror for Your Car

For some itís about control, for others, it's just Total View™. That is because Total View spells total reassurance for drivers who want to see more than what their ordinary side-view mirrors reveal. The veritable blind spot can be a nemesis for drivers of cars, minivans, huge 14-wheeler trucks, and trailers. Especially when they are changing lanes, backing into a parking spot, and the like, they tend to think that maybe the answer lies in having a larger mirror. Not. The answer is in a small, concave mirror like Total View. With its powerful suction in the back, you can simply press Total View onto your side mirrors, and voila. It is durable and strong and fits into any make or model of any auto or other types of vehicles. Now detection of any possible road menace at your back, whether itís a bike or a ball, can be seen thanks to Total View. The small mirror even rotates to enhance visibility. Whatís more, durability is guaranteed. Total View is so convenient that even owners of speedboats and sail boats have used it. And when you are a pedestrian, a bicycle rider, or a motorcycle driver, you can feel thankful when you know that larger and more dangerous cars have total View. So get the complete view. Get Total View. Use the links below to find the best offer on Total View™.
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