Tushee - The Velour Towel Cover Comforter That Indulges Your Tush And Keeps It Pampered Anytime, Anywhere

What is a better way to pamper yourself than to have a towel solely for your tush? That's what the Tushee™ is--a smooth comforter that truly comforts and coddles the tush. Besides, it's always a good thing to love your own. Oftentimes we place a towel over a chair to make the seat more comfy. But with the Tushee you have a velour pocket that comes in three sizes and can be adjusted seamlessly to fit any length of any pillow seat. Just fold once, pinch, press and smooth. The sweat absorbent velvety velour surface of the Tushee makes a nice, smooth cradle for your bottom. The Tushee can be used on the poolside, pool chairs, golf carts, when riding in an airplane, on the stadium bench, and on chairs-in any place where you plan to sit. You can never love your tush too much. Tushee provides extra comfort for garden chairs, car seats, pet seat protector, public transportation, patio chairs, fishing boats, and wheelchairs. It's something everyone can use, young and old. The Tushee comes in three colors-navy blue, burgundy, and sand; and three sizes, tiny, regular or lounger. It has hundreds of uses, and is washing machine safe. So pamper your tush--get a Tushee. Use the links below to find the best offer on Tushee™.
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