Unionwide Bancorp - Financing Event from Unionwide Bankcorp Offers Low Payment Fixed Rate Mortgages and Home Equity Loans Even with Bad Credit.

Unionwide Bancorp has many loan programs available to save you money, even if you have bad credit. You’ve seen the incredible financing event with loan and mortgages available on the Unionwide Bancorp TV commercial/infomercial. If your ARM (adjustable rate mortgage) rates are rising, the Unionwide Bank Corp can get you locked into a fixed rate loan. Despite what you may have read about the collapse of the sub-prime lending market, Unionwide Bancorp still has 100% LTV Loans, stated income loans, and no doc (documentation) loans and mortgages available. Even if you’re just one day out of bankruptcy or going through foreclosure Unionwide Bankcorp can help you get approved quickly. If your bad credit has gone south due to late payments, loss of job, recent or pending divorce, no credit history, or you’re a recent immigrant, a certified trained professional at Unionwide Bancorp can guide you through the approval process and get you the best rate. Loan include refinance, first-time home buyers, and home equity line of credit (HELOC). If you’re a homeowner you can use the equity in your home for any purpose you need: pay off credit card debt, home improvements, education. Unionwide Bacorp has special loan programs that work in alliance with your current mortgage lender. If you are interested in getting some of the lowest mortgage payment programs available in the US, contact Unionwide Bancorp.
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