Wallet Pix - Thin Digital Photo Album is the Size and Dimension of a Credit Card and Holds Over 50 Pictures. WalletPix

Wallet Pix™ is the world’s thinnest photo album. Carry all your favorite family pics in a digital holder the size of a credit card. The small dimensions of WalletPix holder makes it easily fit into your pocket, purse, mens wallett, clutch, checkbook, or handbag. Wallet Pix holds over 50 photographs (58 to be exact). Those personalized pictures of children, grandchildren, holiday, wedding, birthday, Christmas, vacation, and pets will be stored in one convenient location for easy sharing with WalletPics. Wallet Pix comes with a built-in stand for easy display of the photo slot on a table. WalletPix features a slide show auto-play feature that works to change the pics automatically. Transfer digital photos directly from your Microsoft Windows computer to your electronic Wallet Pix device. You get access to technical support services quickly help you with any troubleshooting problems with your Walet Pix. Plus when you order now from the Official Wallet Pix™ website, you will receive a 2-for-1 offer:
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