Big Boss Grill - Electric Grill With Six Interchangeable Plates will Griddle, Grill, Cook Waffles, Make Sandwiches. Endorsed by Vicki Lawrence.

The Big Boss Grill™ can do the work of six other individual cooking appliances. This is because with this Big Boss Grill you can griddle, waffle, make sandwiches, donuts, grill burgers, and cook bacon and eggs, among others. Why buy six different appliances when you can get it all in one? It’s cheaper, more convenient, and easier to use, too. The secret behind Big Boss Grill’s success, says host Vicki Lawrence, lies in its six interchangeable plates. Each plate performs a different function, and each function is performed within just minutes. Take a look at customer reviews that have been fully appreciative of the fact that with the Big Boss Grill, you can make daily food like hamburgers or turkey burgers within just five minutes. The Big Boss Grill has a dual cooking service which makes everything fast, whether you are cooking waffles, bacon and eggs, donuts, and the like. Both sides are cooked simultaneously, and the end product shows they are evenly cooked on both sides. A further review of its features reveal an easy non-stick surface, so it’s easy to get food in and out with minimal effort and no mess. This electric grill is compact and sits well on your countertop, occupying minimal space. It is an amazing kitchen companion. Use the links below to find the best offer of Big Boss Grill™.
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