Health Master - The Living Well HealthMaster Emulsifier and Blender Retains Essential Vitamins and Minerals. From Montel Williams.

The Health Master™ by Living Well has beat the blender, junked the juicer, and razed the food processor to the ground thanks to its fantastic emulsifier power. Reviews on the Living Well program with talk show host Montel Williams say the Health Master performs in a better way—simply through its emulsifier power which better retains the natural vitamins and minerals of the food that it emulsifies. This kitchen appliance breakthrough, the Health Master, is as good as 20 kitchen appliances all in one. It pulverizes and liquefies whole fruits, vegetables and leafy greens and other food in just seconds, while retaining all the powerful and potent, valuable minerals, antioxidants, and vital nutrients that other machines tend to leave behind. There is no mess left behind with the HealthMaster, because every single part of the food you emulsify is put to use. The Health Master has an amazing, high speed digital emulsification system, and a two horsepower motor equal to 1100 watts of power, plus great commercial grade stainless steel blades that rotate over 300 rpm. As seen on the infomercial with Sylvia Browne and Forbes Riley and, The centrifugal friction of the HealthMaster cooks food naturally, retaining all the healthy food nutrients and delivering hot, flavorful and robust foods in a snap. With the Health Master, you can even make soups and hot sauces right inside the extra large carafe. Use the links below to find the best offer on Health Master™
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