Egg Genie - Cook Hardboiled and Soft Boiled Eggs with Less Work. Review EggGenie Steamer and Get Bacon Wave as a FREE Bonus.

Love the taste of hardboiled and soft-boiled eggs but they never seem to come out right? You need Egg Genie™, the automatic egg cooker that lets you cook hardboiled, soft-boiled and medium-boiled eggs to perfection every time. With Egg Genie, there's no mess, no inconsistency, and no lugging around heavy, hot pans of water. All you have to do is fill the EggGenie measuring beaker, pour it in the bottom of the Egg Genie reservoir, pierce each egg with the included piercing pin and set - that's it. You never have to worry about how long you have to cook your eggs, either, because the Egg Genie has automatic sound and light indicators to prevent overcooking. Best of all, you can cook up to 6 perfect eggs all at once. Does Egg Genie work? Yes! Review after review agrees: With Eggenie you'll enjoy protein-rich salads, tasty egg salad sandwiches, eggs Benedict and deviled eggs fast, easy, and perfect every time with the Egg Genie automatic egg cooker. Love veggies? You're in luck, because the Egg Genie also comes with a vegetable steamer tray so you can steam vegetables like carrots and broccoli for succulent side dishes. Buy EggGenie with vegetable steamer tray today, and you'll also get the original BaconWave. Cook crispy bacon without the fat and grease in your microwave with the Bacon Wave - a $20 value - yours free. Use the links below to find the best offer on Egg Genie™.
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