Eggies - Reviews Say This No Shell Cooker is the Easy Way to Cook Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

The Eggies™ egg cooker is the best way to cook hard boiled eggs because you will not need to peel off a single shell. Simply crack the egg and pour it into the cooker. You can amazingly boil it on the top of your stove by twisting it open. With this kitchen tool, you can get the perfect hardboiled egg. It's very convenient and ideal for people on the go, moms, babysitters and even grandparents. With the Eggies cooker you can make a lot of delicious hard boiled eggs and you will have fun doing it. Now, you can enjoy eating your egg salad sandwiches. As seen on TV, it’s simply easy to operate. It wonderfully cooks like a real shell. The egg will easily slide out when it's finished and done with it. Your children will like the perfect taste of these hard boiled eggs. You can have boiled eggs using the Eggies Cooker in less than thirty seconds. This is what makes this cooker incredible. It includes the fantastic Eggies Separator to make tasty egg whites with less cholesterol. It has a separator slot and a no drip slot. Truly a fabulous product according to the reviews. Use the links below to find the best offer on Eggies™.
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