Smartware - Silicone Bakeware Set for Non-Stick Cooking From Chef Tony. Buy One, Get One FREE!

How many hours a year do you waste greasing and flouring pans just so you can cook your family a meal? Stop wasting time with Smartware™, the all-purpose 100% no-stick cookware from Chef Tony. Smartware never needs greased, oiled or floured, no matter what you're cooking. That means you save time before and after your meal because there's no tough grease to clean up. Even better, you're family will eat healthier because there's no added fat or grease! Smartware is made from Temperflex, a silicone based material that guarantees even heating. With silicon Smartware you'll never burn the outside of your food, and the inside of your food will never be undercooked, again! Forget about your bulky, messy and unhealthy bakeware. Get Smartware and clean up your cooking time, clean up your health and clean up your kitchen - up to 30 pieces fit in one drawer! Temperflex is easy to rinse and dishwasher safe. Better still, Smart ware won't break or crack so you can take it straight from the hot oven to the ice cold freezer for easy storage. You can even microwave it - no electrical fires! As seen on tv with the renowned Chef Tony, silicone Smartware is perfect for all your baking needs: cookies, biscuits or an entire dinner! You'll get the 9X11 all-purpose pan, the bread loaf pan, the ever-awesome cookie mat and even Chef Tony's cookbook loaded with great time-saving and healthy recipes to cook with your Smartware! You'll also get a Smartware serving tray, two Smartware storage lids, 8 holiday cake stencils and even a gourmet Bundt pan - make everything you love in half the time and with half the fat - with Smartware! Use the links below to find the best offer of the Smartware™.
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