BioEnergiser - The D-Tox Spa System That Reenergizes You and Gives You a Classic Renewed Feeling

We come home from work feeling drained. Or feet hurt and foot pads don't help. A classic bath won't re-energize us enough. BioEnergiser™ is the answer. This relaxing treatment takes 30 cleansing minutes. It is a spa system for your feet. An energizing cartridge releases electrons and helps you to detox. Our cells are unbalanced by many things. A poor diet, little exercise, drugs, illness, stress, smoking and alcohol. Our skin gets bad and we feel tired. We get headaches and migraines. We need to get in balance. With BioEnergiser people with psoriasis, eczema, leg swelling, lymph edema, hyperhydrosis and lymphatic gland detox respond well. Blame this on the BioEnergizer D-Tox Spa. You feel renewed and well. A kit includes the D-tox spa bowl and array, timer control unit, 30 bowl liners, 100 gm low sodium salt, a measuring spoon, nylon storage bags, and an instructional DVD and manual. Use the links below to find the best offer on BioEnergiser™..
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