Bullet Express - Review the Magic 8 Minute Meal Machine the Combines the Work of a Blender, Mixer, Food Processor and More.

Kitchen connoisseurs, put away your blender, toss out your mixer, and make room for Bullet Express™, the amazing new meal maker that chops, slices, and shreds your favorite foods for full family-sized meals in 8 minutes or less. Brought to you by the geniuses that developed the Original Magic Bullet, Bullet Express takes up as little counter space as a two-slice toaster yet replaces all of your other counter top food preparation appliances with incredible 400-watt power. With Bullet Express, you can chop, slice, dice, and shred meats, vegetables, cheese, fruit and more in seconds. As seen on www.trybulletexpress.com and the TV infomercial with Mick and Mimi, Bullet Express is light years faster than your other appliances - create a ready-to-bake apple pie from scratch in just 60 seconds...prepare ready-to-cook fresh pizza in 90 seconds... chop beef and vegetables for a casserole in 45 seconds...imagine stovetop-ready hash browns in just 3 seconds. Best of all, you're never limited to the size of your appliance container - BulletExpress chops, slices and dices directly into your pot and pan so you just turn it on and go. Turn the revolutionary Bullet Express blade around to go from a chopper to a shredder in seconds. Save work with this 8 minute meal machine. From salads to appetizers and dips, main courses to desserts, BulletExpress replaces your processor, mixer, blender, and more. And there's more...Bullet Express makes delicious shaved ice to enjoy with the kids. And clean-up is super-easy - just rinse in the sink or toss in the dishwasher. Nothing is faster or easier. Use the links below to find the best offer on the Bullet Express™
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