ButterBall Indoor Turkey Fryer - Compact Electric Fryer That Uses 1/3 Less Oil And Fits Snugly On The Kitchen Counter

With a ButterBall® Indoor Turkey Fryer you can prepare a delicious 14-lb turkey in just one hour that is juicier, more delicious and healthy. This electric indoor fryer is healthy because you will use 1/3 less of the oil that a conventional turkey deep fryer uses every time. You also will have less waste, and healthier low fat frying than the usual deep fryer. The ButterBall Indoor Turkey Fryer can also be used as a broiler and steamer. You can keep it indoors, right on your kitchen counter. This product includes a specially designed cooking basket complete with a handy drain clip. It can also be used to make French fries, doughnuts, onion rings and more. On the control panel of the ButterBall Indoor Turkey Fryer there is a digital timer and the temperature control is easy to use. There is also a foldaway lid with a viewing window and a built in filter to reduce cooking odor. Plus, there is also a porcelain-coated inner pot with a built-in drain valve which makes it much easier to clean. Who could ask for more? But there is more. As seen on www.butterballfryer.com, this Butterball Indoor Turkey Fryer is made of stainless steel and specifically designed to takes up minimal space, making it a handy addition on your kitchen counter. Use the links below to find the best offer on ButterBall® Indoor Turkey Fryer.
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