Chip-Tastic - The Perfect Microwave Potato Chip Maker Cooks Favorite Chips. Recipe Book Included.

Chip-Tastic™ is the revolutionary way of making chips using your microwave. It is the best way for those who want to know how to make potato chips because it is better than using a frying pan. Using the microwave lessens the fat produced; frying gives you considerable fat which is not good for your body. This product is truly incredible because it was created to hold up chips in an upright manner and heating them up in the microwave will make them crunchier. All you do is slice the potatoes and then soak them so that the starch is taken out. Dry the potatoes with a clean paper towel and then use your favorite seasoning. After that, just place the sliced potatoes in the amazing ChipTastic. Place it in the microwave oven for just three minutes. As seen on, Chip-Tastic is truly tremendous because it can take in thirty six chips in just one try. It astonishingly reduces the calories to just three while other chops have 13. You can make tasty mango crisps, sweet potato crisps, apple crisps and other kinds. You do not need to worry about using this wonderful machine, because it is free from any hazardous chemicals. No greasy frying, and one thing great about it is that the salt content is low. You'll have a recipe book included. Use the links below to find the best deal on Chip-Tastic™.
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