EZ Cracker - As seen on TV, the EZ Cracker Cracks Eggs Cleanly, and Cracks Down on The Messes

With EZ Cracker™, your morning ritual of cracking eggs is done more easily and cleanly. And that’s not all--you can use it whether the egg is uncooked, or hard boiled. EZ Cracker also has a separator attachment, so you can separate the egg whites cleanly. Just imagine the possibilities with EZ Cracker. Or if not, view the infomercial. As seen on TV, you could crack eggs directly onto the pan. You could crack hard boiled eggs straight onto the plate. And you can do that in seconds. No more wasting time opening hard boiled eggs manually. You can also make muffins and crack the eggs straight over the mixture. And your conscience will be clear that there will be no cracked eggshell residue bits falling into your mix. No more biting into muffins and finding a piece of eggshell caught between your teeth. You can even use the egg separator and make fat free omelets with egg whites, or meringue, or pies. And now there’s an easier way to do it, you can crack em this way, you can crack em that way and we have all done this. But no matter how you grab em you always end up picking up eggshells. Not anymore. EZ Cracker is an ingenious new product that lets you crack open eggs, separate eggs, even crack hard boiled eggs quickly and easily without the mess. Watch, it’s so easy. Simply insert the egg into the cradle and squeeze to instantly crack and release the egg from its shell. No more messy countertops. No more slimy stove tops. The EZ Cracker separator separates any egg from its shell in one simple motion so you can crack neatly right on the pan. No fuss, no mess. Uh oh, crunchy egg shells ruin those muffins. With the EZ Cracker, the shell is always left behind. So you never have to worry about cropped shells. Peeling hard boiled eggs can take forever. But with one simple squeeze, peeling hard boiled eggs has never been easier. Separating eggs are a hassle, but the EZ Cracker has a special egg separator attachment too. Just place egg in the cradle and squeeze to divide the yolk from the white instantly. Make fresh meringues or pies or low fat egg white omelets with ease. So don’t ruin another egg dish again. Just crack, crack, crack. Crack away with EZ Cracker. So crack down on messes today. Use the links below to find the best offer on EZ Cracker™.
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