Fridge Balls - Prevent rotten and spoiled fruits and vegetables. Keep them fresh in your refrigerator 3X longer with FridgeBalls.

The secret that grocers and supermarkets use to keep fruits and vegetables fresh and crisp is not available for your refrigerator with Fridge Balls™. Produce naturally releases Ethylene gas to create to make it ripe. What causes fruits and vegetables to become decayed and rotted when this Ethylene gas comes trapped. Fridge Balls use all natural minerals, such as potassium and magnesium, in Fresh Packs packets to absorb the Ethylene gas and keep the fruits and vegatables in your crisper juicy and crisp. With a Fridge Ball your lettuce will be green and crispy instead of brown and wilted. Frige Balls make your tomatoes ripe and plump instead of soft and mushy. Fridge Balls makes fruit and vegetable last up to 3X longer. These are the same lemon yellow and lime green FrigBalls seen on the TV commercial/infomercial hosted by Marybeth Hoyt. FridgeBalls will not only keep the produce in your refridgerator moist and succulent and prevents rot, but it will also save you money because you will not longer have to throw away so much rotting, spoiling, and moldy fruits and vegetables into the trash, garbage, or waste basket. Use the links below to find the best offer on Fridge Balls™
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