Giant Cookie Cake Pans - A Fun Way to Bake Your Chocolate Cake Recipe Mix

Here is a fun way to make a cake that looks like a big Oreo cookie! The Giant Cookie Cake Pan™ comes in a very nice set of two 9 inch pans. One is used for the top of the cookie and the other is for the bottom. It was created with professional weight carbon steel that makes sure the cakes get evenly heated. With this utensil, your cakes will surely get even heating. They are evenly colored brown and your cake will come out superbly looking once they come out from the oven. The top of the pan has the word COOKIE written over the center plus a figure of six flowers, three above the imprinted word COOKIE and three below it. With this type of design, it gets wonderfully baked into the cake. It gives your chocolate cake a wonderful display. All you have to do place the cookie batter in the pan mix it and bake in accordance to what the recipe says.With this awesome Giant Cooking Cake Pans, you can release your creativity skills by adding your preferred frosting whether it is chocolate or even butterscotch. If you like, you can even add ice cream to it for that delicious taste. This will produce a 3D cookie sandwich that you would like to get hold of and taste. These are non-stick coated pans that makethe cakes are easy to remove. Use the links below to find the best offer on Giant Cookie Cake Pan™.
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