Grater Plater - Grate Fine Cheese and More By Hand with the GraterPlater. Endorsed by Anthony Sullivan.

The Grater Plater™ is greater than other graters because the Grater Plater has a plate design that both enhances its function and its beauty. Host Anthony Sullivan talks about the Grater Plater in the infomercial. He shows the Grater Plater in its beautiful, colorful, yellow floral ceramic plate design. Use the Grater Plater to grate cheese by hand with ease. The cheese is very fine and can be used as a topping for pizzas, pastas, salads and bread. Even better, as you grate the cheese, it stays on the plate unlike other graters with a less convenient and more traditional shape. The Grater Plater can also puree garlic fast and easy. And what about ginger? The Grater Plater grates it in the best and easiest of ways. Its technology is quite simple. The Grater Plater is made of a hardened tempered ceramic design that never dulls, giving it a double function as a grater and a table decorator. Also it is triple glazed, so nothing sticks to the Grater Plater’s plate. The Grater Plater can also be used as an attractive dipping plate if you just add some olive oils and herbs. It can also be used for baking, chocolate, cinnamon and even coconut. Pass it around the dinner table, and anyone can grate as they see fit. Some plates are greater than others. For instance, the Grater Plater is greater. Use the links below to find the best offer on Grater Plater™.
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