Magic Crisp - The Microwave Crisper That Heats Bacon and Pizza without Getting Them Soggy!

The Magic Crisp™ will make your left over foods crispier than any other microwave. Using the Magic Crisp will prevent your food from becoming limp and soggy. Magic crisp turns your microwave to a magic food crisping machine. It has a one of a kind raised – ridge design that allows food to heat up fast while it’s cooking. The end result of this is that you will be eating crispier bacon and pizzas in less time. With The Magic Crisp, it’s goodbye to sogginess and uneven cooking. You can eat pizzas that come out from the pizza oven and dinner rolls that are tender from the inside and golden brown from the outside. Your Bacon will become so delicious and crispier. You can eat french fries and onion rings the way they are supposed to be eaten in the crunchy way. The Magic Crisp can be used as a serving tray too..It works quite well for frozen or leftover foods. This is such a great way to heat up your food and it will set you free from all the hassles. With Magic Crisp you kiss off and say goodbye to limp and rubbery foods. Just flip over Your Magic Crisp and it becomes a tray that can be used for soups, hot beverages and leftovers. Magic Crisp is so useful and a nice thing to have around your kitchen. Use the links below to find the best offer of Magic Crisp™.
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