One Touch Cordless Knife - Electric Rechargeable Blade Can Cut, Fillet and Do the Work of Many Knives

Have too many dull knives that never seem to cut just right? Do you love your electric knife, but hate that you're tethered to an electrical outlet? Now, you can get the power of an electric knife and the portability of a regular knife with the One Touch Cordless Knife™, the rechargeable battery-powered knife that cuts everything from meats to veggies and everything in between. With the One Touch Cordless Knife, you can effortlessly cut, slice, chop, and dice your way to meals in seconds. Slice fresh cheese without shredding or sticking, cube meats for kabobs, dice onions in a flash, and chop lettuce with ease. The One Touch Cordless Knife cuts it tall, and it's so portable you can take it outside to fillet the catch of the day for grilling. The secret to the OneTouch Cordless Knife's amazing power is its patented turbo-charged motor that delivers over 2,000 blade strokes per minute - the One Touch Cordless Knife blade moves so fast you'll glide through everything from fresh tomatoes to racks of ribs without tearing or binding. It's so simple to use, all you have to do is touch a single button. And with the rechargeable battery system, One Touch Cordless Knife is always ready to use. Now you can enjoy deli-sliced ham at home, homemade kabobs on the grill, a fresh fish fillet sandwich, and even your holiday turkey in no time and without effort with the One Touch Cordless Kitchen Knife. Similar knives cost $100 or more, but if you order now you'll get the One Touch Cordless Knife, 2 Forever Sharp stainless steel blades, and two free bonus gifts - the One Touch Bag Sealer for long-lasting sealed-in freshness and the stainless steel food holder that keeps your hands away for clean cuts - for one very low price. Use the links below to find the best deal on One Touch Cordless Knife™.
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