The Ove Glove - Heat-Resistant Fingered Glove Gives Much More Protection and Control than an Oven Mitt!

Once you try The Ove Glove® you will never settle for those cute little pot holders sold in local stores again. After all, why would you? The Ove Glove is heat resistant up to temperatures so high that firefighters use them and has convenient non-slip silicone grips that make sure you never drop that hot pot of water on the floor (or your toes) again. Oven mitts should all be made this smart! It is definitely wise to purchase two of these heavy duty gloves; especially for when you are dealing with heavy casseroles or bulky hams and turkeys! Don't be fooled; they truly do fit everyone; whether you have petite or manly hands; and they will stay put and provide protection whether you are sticking your hands in the oven or the fireplace to grab a log. As seen on TV and in stores, the OveGlove is made from flame resistant material that is made by the pioneers in flame retardant fabrics; Dupont! Even better is you don't have to be concerned about dripping cheesy or barbeque sauce on the gloves because they are easy to clean and are machine washable (if you can part with them that long). Use the links below to find the best offer of The Ove Glove®
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