Quick Chop - Steel Chopper Blades Really Work to Dice and Peel Your Vegetables. From Billy Mays

Do you love to cook vegetables but hate all that tedious prep time? Save time and craft delicious veggie meals in your kitchen with the Original Quick Chop™, the smart way to prepare vegetables for salads, stews, toppings, salsa, and more. Does Quick Chop work? Yes! Famous product reviewer Billy Mays says: "Quick Chop is the fastest, easiest, safest way to chop, mince, or dice any vegetable." Quick Chop is super safe and easy to use, too - simply place your vegetables on the cutting board, position Quick Chop over them, and chop the top with your hand. One chop and you have sliced onions, two more and you have diced onions, keep chopping and you have minced onions. You're in control. The secret to Quick Chop's revolutionary vegetable preparation is the 6 carbon steel blades that rotate with each chop, so your vegetables are getting a fresh blade with each turn. QuickChop is gentle enough to peel and dice garlic in one chop, yet strong enough to chop nuts and even crush ice for tasty drinks and desserts. Quick Chop isn't limited to vegetables either - you can make chicken salad, ham salad, and even shrimp salad with just a few taps. Quick Chop clean-up is just as easy... all you have to do is rinse or toss it in the dishwasher. Use QuickChop for vacations, picnics, business travel, and more. Fresh, delicious vegetables, perfectly sliced, diced, or minced in seconds...get your Quick Chop today. Use the links below to find the best offer of Quick Chop™.
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