Tater Mitts - These Potato Peeling Gloves Work to Peel Potatoes in Just 8 Seconds. As Seen on TV

Get super spuds with Tater Mitts™, the fast and safe way to peel potatoes in no time! Tater Mitts aren't your ordinary potato peeler - there's no slicing involved and no waste from taking out huge chunks of potato. Simply slide our patented Tater Mitts over your hands, grab a potato and work it between your palms under running water. The special peelers fitted on the glove palms quickly and easily peel away the thinnest layer of potato - with no waste - in just eight seconds flat. As seen on TV specials nationwide, Tater Mits from Emson blow traditional potato peeling out of the water for safety, convenience, ease-of-use and - best of all - speed! TaterMitts make it so you can whip up some mashed potatoes, make a batch of your famous potato salad, or even fry up some seasoned fries in less than a third of the time it would take with traditional peelers. Tater Mitts are great for peeling any kind of potato - even sweet potatoes. Also available are Perfect Fries, the one-cut French fry cutter. Take only one swipe at each potato and make perfect cuts with Perfect Fries. Stop wasting time with duds and start cooking splendid spuds with Tater Mitts. Use the links below to find the best deal on Tater Mitts™
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