Titan Peeler - Review the Micro-Blade Technology of the Vegetable Peeler/Slicer that Makes Your Cooking Easier. Buy 1, Get 1 FREE!

The task of peeling and slicing vegetables just got a lot easier with the invention of the Titan Peeler™. Why is the Titan Peeler so much better and easier than any other peeler you might have in your kitchen drawer? The stainless steel Titan Peeler uses a twin action blade that work in either direction for fast peeling of all kind of vegetables. The quickness of the Titan Peeler even means tear-free peeling of onions! And the Titan Peeler employs microblade technology, which ensures that only the peel will be removed-not any of the rest of the vegetable. That means less food waste in your cooking. The slicing board turns TitanPeeler into a mini-slicer that gets your vegetables cut with the same thickness every time. This is the perfect kitchen tool for potato, carrot, onion, cheese, cucumber, tomatoe-any vegetable you would want to peel or slice. The practical design of the Titan Peeler makes it easy to grip and helps prevent accidents from slipping. The free garnishing guide and the Julienne blades of the TitanPeeler gives your food an appetizing appearance as well. So does Titan Peeler really work? Read this glowing review from user Alicia S. of Portland, Oregon: "The Titan Peeler has made my cooking faster and easier. What took me half and hour before now only takes five minutes! I would definitely recommend it to my friends." Use the links below to find the best deal on the Titan Peeler™.
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