Zasshu Knife - The Hybrid Knife That Cuts, Chops, Pares, and is the Perfect Addition to your Current Knife Set

Introducing the Zasshu Knife™, the amazing hybrid that combines the cutting edge of a metal aluminum knife, with the chopping power of a cleaver--plus the versatility of the chef's knife. Quite a hybrid. A review of the knife by Anthony Sullivan noted its perfect balance in cutting rounded edged vegetables. He said it also juliennes quickly and easily, and is a deft paring knife. The scalloped blade is stick and stain free, and with the rubber inside grip it's great to hold and won't slip. You may think, with the Zasshu knife, what more could you need? Even more likely, you already have a set of knives. Either way, the Zasshu Knife makes a perfect addition to your current set of knives, and if you plan to go camping or mountain climbing, it may be the only knife you would bring with you. The Zasshu Knife is hardy and durable, and its Japanese steel is known for its strength, and its ability to stay sharp and hold its edge. As seen on the TV commercial with Anthony Sullivan, cutting is done with precision with no force or pressure required, even when cutting through thick skinned fruit like a melon, watermelon, and the like. Titanium adios, or titanium hello? Either way, it's Zasshu forever. Use the links below to find the best offer on Zasshu Knife™
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