Zoom Marinator - A Quick And Better Way To Marinate Steak, Meat And Fish In An Instant. From Chef Tony

The Zoom Marinator™ was created by Chef Tony. His invention can help you from turning perfectly fine meats into kitchen disasters. Chef Zoom knows that the secret to good cooking lies in the marinade. But it takes time to fully marinate meat to perfect satisfaction. You can try to speed up the process by pounding the meat, but it simply is not the same. What you want is meat that is flavorful, and tasted not just from outside, but even in the middle of the meat. Enter the Zoom marinator. It not only makes the food more delicious to eat, but it can marinate meats in an instant. We don't all have the time to spend marinating food in the way our parents did. Time is precious, and the Zoom Marinator is fully aware of this. All you have to do is place your marinade of choice in the top, and with one push downwards, Zoom's 50 flavor pins tenderize the meat and inject the marinade flavor deep, deep inside. When you eat the dish, the flavor is tasted from the inside out. Now, with the Zoom Marinator, it doesn't matter if you buy the least or the most expensive meat. With the Zoom Marinator, it's all good-spicy garlic chicken, fabulous fish, barbecue, or broiled steak. And there is a second choice, too. You can use Zoom's vacuum marinator, if that is your preference. Just place the meat inside, and by pumping out the air, you have a perfect vacuum. Both features work equally fast. ZOOM! Use the links below to find the best offer on Zoom Marinator™.
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