Big City Slider Station - Reviews Say This Mini-Burger Maker is the Perfect Product for Making Sliders. From Billy Mays.

The Big City Slider Station is one of those must have products that no kitchen should be without. It is a completely versatile kitchen utensil that allows you to make those coveted and mouth watering mini-burgers or a 'precision' egg sandwich in minutes flat. Billy Mays is telling the truth when he says it is the 'fast and easy' way to scoop, cook and press burgers to perfection! The non-stick surface makes them a cinch to clean up and ensures it will be your tool of choice when it comes to cooking! The included measuring scoop makes it easy to load the sliders with the perfect amount of meat and you can add little extras like onions or peppers right to the mix. Big City Slider Station cooks evenly from both sides and helps drain the grease making it one of the healthiest ways to cook meat. The makers of this product say it will cook a burger evenly in just two minutes and independent reviews concur! This product makes cooking a perfect little burger so easy and convenient you will never have to leave home to get one! Big City Slider Station is a great tool when entertaining large parties or to quickly throw together a tasty meal on those busy weekday nights! The included recipe book is packed full of tasty ideas that will have you covered and using this kitchen gadget for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Use the links below to find the best offer of Big City Slider Station™.
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