One Touch Can Opener - Deluxe Automatic Electric Opener Works to Open Cans Hands-Free. Get Grip Mate FREE!

Open cans in a cinch with One Touch Can Opener™, the fastest and easiest way to open cans that puts traditional can openers to shame. The revolutionary, hands-free design eliminates all that difficult and time-wasting twisting and turning. With One Touch Can Opener, you just set it on the lid and touch the button - One Touch takes care of the rest. Thousands of reviews confirm that One Touch Can Opener's automatic hands-free can opening action saves time and makes it perfect for arthritis sufferers, seniors, and anyone one else. This compact deluxe can opener fits neatly in your drawer and saves counter space - but packs enough power to open any size can, small, medium, or large. And it's so simple to use, you won't need directions. Best of all, One Touch Can Opener cuts cans from the side - so you never have to worry about sharp lids or dirty, dusty lids that fall back in to your food. You an also save money by simply popping the lid back on to re-use your food. One Touch Can Opener runs on 2 AA batteries, so you won't have an annoying cord to plug into your electric outlet. If you order right now, you'll also get the Grip Mate - the easiest way to open every jar or bottle lid - absolutely free! Save time, save money, and save yourself the pain and hassle. Use the links below to find the best deal on One Touch Can Opener™.
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