One Touch Jar Opener - Review this Hands-Free Jar Opener and Gripper that Does the Work for You.

Tired of getting frustrated every time you have to open a jar? Do you have painful arthritis or weak hands, making simple tasks like removing lids a hassle? Are you embarrassed every time you have to call a family member to open jars just so you can cook or clean? You need the One Touch™ Jar Opener! This hands free gripper makes opening any jar a breeze – just place on the lid, touch the button and your jars open in seconds. Perfect for arthritis sufferers, the elderly, or anyone else who has trouble opening jars, the One Touch Jar saves wear and tear, aches and pains, and time – every time you use it. The One Touch Jar Opener has an ingenious design that applies a whopping 25 foot-pounds of force to open any jar – and – the One Touch Jar Opener adjusts to fit any size jar, no matter how thick or thin it is. Review after review proves that the One Touch Jar Opener does all the work for you. It’s the last jar opener you’ll ever have to buy! The One Touch Bottle Pourer is also available: This convenient device pops on heavy, awkward bottles so you can just lift and pour with one hand. Use the links below to find the best offer on the One Touch™ Jar Opener
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